Our Story

As a little boy I was very interested in the land and our environment. So when I visited the naturally blessed soils of Argentina, I instantly fell in love with the passionate country. It was the most agriculturally privileged places I had encountered, and I decided to buy a farm in the Pampa Humeda, a region best known for the country’s high quality cattle. It was there we began to work closely with the Argentine gaucho cowboys to produce all grass-fed beef, shortly after, in Mendoza wine country, create our own Argentine wines with the nation’s top winemaker.


There is nothing more magnificent than life’s simple pleasures: taking a bite of a perfectly cooked steak and a sip of powerful wine. This is what life in Argentina is all about. And through food and wine, I want to share this wonderful part of Argentine culture with the rest of the world.

Our four restaurants, which span across Argentina, Germany, and Switzerland, transport guests to my farm in Argentina. It’s a special place where friends gather with laughter, music, delicious food and beautiful wines.

Ojo de Agua means the eye of the water, the source, the essence of all life.

To create delicious flavors, we must first honor the land and ingredients given to us. Argentina is home to the best beef in the world, but with more use of feedlots, it’s increasingly difficult to find that unadulterated meaty flavor.

At Ojo de Agua, we instantly transport our guests to the sunny Argentine countryside, where happy Hereford and Black Angus cattle roam free year round grazing on wild green pastures. We strive to create a place where people come together to have a beautiful steak, wonderful wine, all in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Our restaurants are filled with charisma and adventure, paying tribute to its creator, Dieter Meier, and his spirited nature.


We believe in making simple, delicious flavors. The grass-fed beef we use comes directly from our farms, which produces meat bursting with flavor. No sauce is necessary, -- that is the true test for a totally pleasurable piece of meat. This, together with wine, hand-picked quality ingredients, and a lively atmosphere, is just the most ideal dining combination.